Sunday, January 30, 2011


From the basement, I hear the pitter patter of little footprints running across the house. A few seconds later, down the stairs appears a pantsless, poopy bottom toddler. (Don't worry, she did have a pull up on). She proudly hands me an empty wallet, (mine), and was so excited to show me how she pulled every last thing out of it. (I was not so thrilled to see it as she was to show it to me) I take her back up the stairs, change her poopy bum, clean up her mess (with antibacterial stuff all over her bed and floor, don't tell Dora, my chapstick all over her cute little face, and my debit/credit cards, receipts, gift cards, etc everywhere). I told her how dissappointed I was that she was not sleeping, and that she made a mess of my purse, then I laid her down and told her to go to sleep and left the room. I stood outside the door for a few seconds to see if she would get up again, (which she did) or lay down and sleep. She got up and was talking to herself so I opened the door. Before I could say anything she said "Mommy, that hurt my heart". I asked "What hurt your heart, honey?" "It hurt my heart that you got mad at me and left and closed the door." I said "I am sorry I hurt your heart, let me sing you a song and rock you and then I will lay you down to take a nap, ok?" "Ok, mommy" So I did, she is sleeping, and I had to share with you her cuteness...

Monday, January 17, 2011

It's Time

It's time

That phrase rings true in so many different aspects of my life right now. And variations of that short phrase ring just as true. It's about time. It's way passed due time. It's a hard time...just to name a few.

It's time: Starting with the first one, it's time. It's time for an update. It's time to let you all know how I am and have been doing. That would take a very VERY long time, so I will paraphrase; We're good.

It's about time: It's about time my husband gets on at the plant. It's his goal and he has been doing so much for everyone else and deserves something for himself. Is that fair, to say he deserves anything? Because I think he does, but then I am not God. So who am I know say anyone deserves anything. We are already given so much, how can I say I deserve anything more. Well, I think he deserves it because of who he is and everything he does.

It's way passed due time: It's passed due time we find a place of our own. I love Brian's mom but I love my own space, time, life, and kitchen. We have been so blessed to have had her put up with us for this long, but I don't want to burden her anymore.

It's a hard time: It's a hard time to stay positive and know that everything is going to be ok. The economy being so bad doesn't help the situation any, but everyone is in the same predicament, so I am not complaining, just venting a little I guess. My sister used to vent, which I thought was a little tacky until I read the responses she received and realized how uplifting and encouraging her friends and family were.

Anyway, sorry this post is a negative, not very uplifting or interesting read, but I just wanted to let you all know I am still alive.

And, in case you didn't know, I am pregnant. Due July 23rd. Not sure what he/she is yet, but I will find out next month. BUT, I do know it's alive. So, that's good enough for me at this point! Oh, and I am done with student teaching. WOOT!

Friday, August 27, 2010

Sissy's Song

Kierra started it all. I was looking through pictures she posted while she was watching my sisters kids and they are all cute, and growing big, and look just like their mom and dad. Most of all, they all remind me so much of Ashleigh. Then after I finished looking through those pictures, my husband, for some reason, decided to play this song. He loves sitting and listening to music, he will do nothing else, just sit and listen, and go through song, after song, after song. He was sitting at the computer desk listening to music and he played Sissy's Song. I am not sure why he played this specific song, or if he even knew that I was thinking about my sister and her family, but he played it and I couldn't stop thinking about her and all the memories leading up to her passing away. He also played Sarah Beth, which reminded me of when Ashleigh was so worried about losing her beautiful blond hair, asking for cute hats and wigs. Anyway, I was dancing with Ryah in my arms, listening to the words of these songs, thinking of Ashleigh, and I started to cry. As I did, Ryah hugged me tighter and after a few minutes of tears, Ryah looks up, grabs my face in her gentle hands, and kisses my tears away. First she kissed the tears one cheek, then kissed the other cheek, then said "Don't be sad mommy, be happy. I kiss the tears away" (which made me cry even harder) then she looked down at my shirt and saw that some tears had fallen onto my shoulder and said "I get down mommy, I wanna get my blanket." So I let her down and she goes and gets her blanket. She comes back and says, "Mommy, I wipe away your tears" and wipes my cheeks with her blanket, then says, as she puts the blanket to my nose, "blow your nose mommy". Of course this all made me cry even harder being around such sweet innocence, love, and tenderheartedness. I love my husband so much for playing that song and reminding me of my sister, I always love the times when her memory pops into my head so randomly. He also played a song for me that reminded him of his dad and I was greatful to share such a beautiful, special moment with him and my baby girl. I love you both so very very much and am greatful for every moment we share together. Thank you for being such a wonderful husband and best friend, and thank you Ryah for being such a kind, loving, selfless, daughter.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Story of the day 8/16/2010

Tell me a story Ryah...

Ryah: The monsters come in

Me: What monsters

Ryah: They're jump jump jumping

Me: Where?Ryah: There's a mouse, he's squished.

Me: Oh, no! Did the monsters squish the mouse?

Ryah: The mouse is sad

Me: He is?

Ryah: The mouse is happy mouse now.

Me: The mouse is happy? Is he ok?

Ryah: Yeah, he threw out the monsters!

Me: He did!?!? That's great!

Ryah: He has strong muscles.

Me: Yeah, he must have strong muscles if he can throw the monsters out!

Ryah: Broke my heart.

Me: It broke your heart?Ryah: The mouse broke me. He threw me

Me: The mouse threw you?

Ryah: Yeah, and I crash.

Me: Oh, no! Are you ok?

Ryah: He threw me in the water and I splash.

Me: Do you need me to protect you?

-And then she broke out into an awesome song singing about all the things she did today including reading four Eric Carl book that she LOVED. Some of her song went like this...

I fight the monsters and they threw me out and the mouse threw me out and broked my arm and ate my arm and I crash and the fireflys flashed their light and the fireworks flashed their light and I love daddy and........

I can't remember it all. I wish I had a tape recorder in her room so I could just record everything she said. I love my smart little girl!

I read "The Very Hungry Catipillar" by Eric Carl to her and asked her to retell the story back to me and she remembered everything from the little egg, to eating the plums, and oranges, and strawberries, and pears, to going from little catipillar to a big fat catipillar and building a home (she forgot the word, a cacoon) and becoming a butterfly!


Love that girl!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Story of the day 08/11/2010

Me: Tell me a story Ryah

Ryah: Theres mosquito bugs outside

Me: There are?

Ryah: Yeah, I squish them with my toe

Me: Ew, you squish them with your toe? Yucky

Ryah: The giants come get me

Me: They did? Are you ok?

Ryah: They took my momma

Me: Uh oh! They took me?

Ryah: I stuck my arms out and said "NO, DONT TAKE MY MOMMA"

Me: Did they listen? Did you save me?

Ryah: No, they ate my arm off

Me: They DID!?! OH NO! Did they give it back!?

Ryah: No, the monkey came and got them.

Me: The monkey got your arm?

Ryah: No, they got my toes. They ate them

Me: Oh, no, the monkey ate your toes.

Ryah: Yeah, I can't walk anymore

Me: Uh oh, do you walk funny now?

Ryah: I need shoes so I can walk.

Me: Are you going to walk with no toes?

Ryah: He ate my teeth too!

Me: Oh man! Now you are going to talk funny too!

Ryah: I see a giant. He's coming in

Me: he is?

Ryah: No, he's sleeping.

Me: He is?

Ryah: Yeah, he's sleeping in the snow

Me: Oh no, he must be cold

Ryah: I go get him a blanket

Me: Thats nice of you

Ryah: Oh no, he got my blanket dirty.

Me: He did? Oh man!

Ryah: The monkey came back. He's a silly monkey now.

Me: He is? Why is he silly?

Ryah: He's a happy monkey. I give him a hug.

Me: You gave him a hug? That was nice of you!

I had to cut her off there because she would have kept going all night with her imagination.

Story of the Day 08/10/2010

Ryah: read me a story momma
Me: how about you tell me a story instead
Ryah: oh ok! Pooh fell in the mud momma
Me: he did? Uh oh. Did he get muddy?
Ryah: yeah he got poop on his hands
Me: poop!?!? Ew gross
Ryah: pooh wants to wash his hands
Me: that's a good idea. It good to wash your hands.
Ryah: yeah. The monsters coming in the door
Me: he is?
Ryah: he's hungry he wants pooh
Me: can I save him
Ryah: yeah. Sing goodnight sweetheart momma.
Me: ok. "goodnight sweetheart well it's time to go..."
Ryah: rub my tummy momma.
Me: ok

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Story of the Day

Ryah has quite the imagination. I rock her to bed every night and usually we sing a few songs, I lay her down, rub her tummy while we sing ABC's and count to 25 but tonight was special. Tonight started something that I hope I can make into a "Story of the Day".

So, here it goes.

Ryah: The dinosaur stole my couch.
Me: He did? Where did he take it?
Ryah: To the giant.
Me: What giant?
Ryah: The giant puffer.
Me: The giant puffer? What did he look like?
Ryah: He was red. And he had a blue tongue.
Me: A blue tongue? That is a scary monster.
Ryah: Yeah, and the rain turns him blue.
Me: Really? What does he sound like?
Ryah: "Rroooaaarrrr!!!"
Me: Woah, that sounds scary.
Ryah: Yeah, he scared pooh. He wants to go home.
Me: He does? Is he ok now?
Ryah: Yeah.
Me: Oh good.
Ryah: The monster wants to get in.
Me: He does? I will protect you. Are you scared?
Ryah: No. Monsters fake.
Me: Yep, monsters are fake.

I love my girl. See you all tomorrow with a new adventure, courtesy of Ryah.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Here are our family pics yall

Here is a fun pose I copied from a couple who copied it from a magazine. It was a cute pose and I just figured I would try it to be fun.

I told her to show me her muscles and she did!

One of my fav, I love Ryah's face in this one

I wanted to try to get a cute, original, pic and I saw a friends pic with all their shoes so I figured I would try it too. We all realy like skater shoes and Ryah's Uncle David got her these for her birthday, she wouldn't take them off for a couple of hours...even though it was almose 100 degrees outside.

We had the option to do a few different outfits. We all look ok in yellow and pink but not all of use had those colors so we did yellow and brown, and pink and white. We did the shoot in two separate places, an old railway shack thingy and a rundown catholic church. Anyway, I just love my little family.

Ryah turned two a day after the shoot and so we took a few pics of just her. She did so good and is so cute.

There was a random blue window and I thought it would be a cool background for a picture.
She is pointing to the number two because she was turning two.

A pic of the cool building we did our shoot at.

This one is so cute. She is such a poser.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Ryahs sayings

My little girl is so cute.

She loves to talk, but even more, she loves to copy what people say.

"I wanna work out"

"I wanna play hop hop game"

"Preshendo!" (Crescendo, from Little Einstines)

"I wanna go to sleep... (wagging her finger at me...) Don't wake me up"

And so much more to come

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Loving Life

It's been a while...
This week has been one of the better of the last couple of weeks recently experienced.
Monday to start was one of the best Monday's I have had. Brian started his new job and is doing so well and loving staying busy and feeling needed. Ryah and I woke up, ate breakfast outside as we pointed out all the birds, geckos, leaves and flowers, and had some really meaningful and enjoyable mommy daughter time. Later, she went to play with Aunt Beth and her favorite cousin Pace while I filled out paperwork for the first offer on our house (and hopefully the last). Thanks again Beth for watching Ryah. We hung out at the park as we usually do, and when daddy came home from work, we made cookies for family night, (which all of us had our fair share of cookie dough) we were laughing, having a good time, and I really remember that night for some reason.
Tuesday wasn't any less eventful or enjoyable...we woke up, ate breakfast outside again, went to a kids boutique where they sell lightly used clothes, toys and other things, where I originally went to buy Ryah some flip flops since hers are all getting to small or worn, and ended up buying her a new swimsuit and two shirts instead. Janae called and said "Kyra needs a friend, come over", so Ryah played at with Kyra, her other favorite cousin (she has lots of favorites) where they played, sat at the big girl table (really a small table for kids) and ate spagetti (what a fun time we had, thanks Janae). When daddy got home from work we ate dinner together, and I spent a few hours with my Dad at a Cieaura meeting, which I am very excited about for them.
Today, again, no less eventful, we went to the library for story time. I was so proud of Ryah because she was STILL!!! That is not a common occurance for this ultra curious little girl. However, she sat still, listened, participated, and really enjoyed herself, and I thoroughly enjoyed watching her. After story time, (which by the way, Ryah made a few new friends, Azlyn (sp) and John, both a year older than her), we went to McDonalds and got an ice cream cone to take home and share, and we did. We came home, got our swim suits on, went to the park and played in the water while we shared our ice cream cone and made footprints on the sidewalk with our wet hands and feet. Daddy got home, we ate dinner, went on a walk and Ryah went number one AND number two in the potty, all by herself without coaxing or reminders to do so. She is getting so big.
Tomorrow will be no less eventful than the rest of this week. We will start our morning off going to kids day out at Superstition mall (hopefully with some of Ryahs other favorite cousins.) We are going to a softball game of a neighbor who used to live accross the street and her two daughters were Ryahs favorite girls. They would come over and play anything from tumbling, to dolls, to Wii, to making cookies. We are excited to support you Syd, good luck! Who knows what the rest of this week will hold, but whatever it is, I am really loving life and appreciating every small moment I get to spend with the two people I love the very most! I love you big baby and little baby!

Oh, and a few funny things Ryah does...

Where do kids learn these things...Ryah took a few petals from the boganvilla (sp) plant outside and brought them inside and started coloring on the wall with them.

Just watched my sweet one year old love on her doll, change her diaper, and say "wipe her bum, no poopies", she then threw away the wipe that she wiped her dolls bum with, and put her diaper back on. After taking care of her comfort needs, she held her doll close as she said "you want me to hold you? Ok, I hold you" and... sang twinkle twinkle little star, while she kissed her nose.

The play place at the mall

Cade made a new girlfriend
Story time at the library
Ryahs new swimsuit and yummy ice cream cone "i cweem coe"

Got milk?

Easter dinner at my Dads. Cute fam!

We tried to get a good pic, out of 10 or so, this is the best. It's a good thing my dad is so good looking, he makes this pic look good!
I love this boy

Not sure why she did this, she didnt put it in her mouth, just opened her mouth around the flower....silly billy
Playing duck duck goose with some of her favorite cousins
I love this girl!!!

Oh, and I got my hair did (really, I did it myself)...

except this one, my sis breann put highlights in it. Thanks girl